About Us

At Mr. Marco Jewelers we have been specializing in Custom made Jewelry for over 30 years. “It’s natural for me,” Marco says, “taking your old, outdated jewelry and redesigning a one of a kind masterpiece.” 

Marco, originally from jewelers row in Chicago where he learned to master the craft moved out to beautiful St. Charles after building his name and expanding his passion,  to open his own independent custom jewelry store. 

Marco with the help of his wife, Angela, opened Mr. Marco's Jewelers in downtown St. Charles in the early 1990’s. Since then, Marco has traveled to Thailand, Israel, and Europe, hunting around the world for only the most unique & exotic gemstones. He says, “His Italian inspiration pushes him to create timeless designs that you will certainly enjoy". Marco’s son, Mark Anthony joined his father in the early 2000’s to become his apprentice. Marco continued to make timeless jewelry until June 2014 when he had a sudden, tragic passing. Since then his apprentice and son, Mark Anthony, has stepped up to lead his father’s legacy into the fourth generation of fine Italian handcrafted jewelry. He says, “He will continue the same work as his father, creating beautiful custom jewelry the old fashioned way, one masterpiece at a time.”